Program (Online Workshop)

Online Workshop

This page describes the setup of our 2020 NLIWoD workshop which is going to happen as an online event.

The ISWC workshop organising committee will provide individual Zoom sessions for this workshop. The presentations will be held live. We will use a prerecording mode. That is, workshop chairs will solicit pre-recorded presentations by authors, which the workshop organisers will stream via Zoom on the day of the workshop. The pre-recorded presentations will be followed by live QA sessions.

Acknowledgment. The inspiration for the flow of the workshop is taken from SIGDIAL 2020: Reflections on Going Virtual at Low Cost

Requirements for authors

The authors need to prepare a video recording of their talk according to their submission type:

  • Full articles submissions: max. 15 minutes + 5 minutes discussions

The recording (we suggest via YouTube) must be sent to the workshop organisers by 15th October 2020. We will provide a Google form for uploading the video and a selection if authors want their video to be made public after the workshop (advised). The organisers will check the video for copyright material together with the authors and will ensure a minimum quality level.

After we streamed each session via Zoom, we will open a 5-15min Q&A slot for discussions, where we expect the authors to take part in. Notes of all Q&A sessions will be made public after the workshop on the website. The Zoom stream will not be recorded.

Time Table

Half-day Workshop at the 2nd 2020 13.30 - 17.00 CET (Berlin time zone)

Online Workshop NLIWOD instructions setup